Roasting Coffee Beans

Coffee Roasting the Moxie Java Way

Moxie Java makes over forty coffee blends, ranging from the intense dark roasts of our River Runner, Black Rush, and Hot Shot blends to the light, flavorful Greenbelt and Bunny Slope blends. Our most-popular blends are available in decaf, and we offer a variety of flavored coffees including seasonal favorites.

We’re often asked why our coffees are so flavorful and bold, and not nearly as bitter as most of our competitors. Well, there are more than a few reasons, including:

  • Premium Arabica beans sourced from all over the world
  • Unique blends created exclusively for Moxie Java
  • Carefully monitored time and temperatures of Moxie Java roasts
  • Rigorous food processing standards: Moxie Java is the only HACCP-certified coffee roaster in Idaho (it’s a big deal – look it up!)

It’s All In The Roast

The principal reason for the superior taste and quality of Moxie Java coffee, however, is that we roast our coffee beans in small 30-pound batches using an air roaster versus the drum roasters used by the vast majority of other coffee companies. We like to use the analogy of popcorn – our system is more like an air popcorn popper while our competition uses the equivalent of a ‘movie-theater’ corn-popping system.

In 1975, Michael Sivetz invented and patented this improved method for roasting coffee beans. Unlike the drum roaster, which, frankly is a poor way to transfer heat to a green coffee bean, the Sivetz roasters use superheated air (over 450 degrees) to produce a brighter, cleaner, improved tasting and more aromatic coffee bean. Moxie Java coffee beans are not subjected to continuous contact with a hot surface that can cause the harsh, bitter, or burnt flavors of other coffees.

We welcome you to drop by our roaster anytime to see this deceptively simple yet highly effective roasting system for yourself!

Coffee Blends Available for Purchase

Moxie Java offers over two-dozen different blends for sale. Check out and purchase our blends below. In addition, your neighborhood may offer several other blends at any given time. If there’s a particular blend you love but don’t it see for sale on our website, let us know. We’ll fix you up with your faves.